‘Eno Y’esawa’ – Irene Ntale

Irene Ntale

Irene Ntale2

Irene Ntale4After having released already two dancefloor hits since April (‘Nkubukinze‘ & ‘Love Letter‘) the rising Afro-Soul/Reggae artist Irene Ntale from Uganda dropped a third tune called ‘Eno y’esawa‘ – a very melodious Afro soul song – which may lead to her breakthrough in the Ugandan music scene. The song was written by Nince Henry and produced by Vince Musisi at Swangz Avenue. Irene Ntale seems to be a very promising artist who we should follow closely in future. Listen here to Irene Ntale’s feature on Radio Netherlands Worldwide series ‘My song’.

You can download her tracks for free on her reverbnation page.

Irene Ntale  *-*  ‘Eno y’esawa’ (FREE Download via Reverbnation)

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