Hommage to Chiwoniso Maraire

chiwoniso3This is one of these posts we hate to write and read. Only God knows why this talented and amazing artist had to leave this world so early. Chiwoniso Maraire was just 37 years old when she died of suspected pneumonia in Harare on July 24th. She left a great musical legacy and inspired so many people and artists around the world with Zimbabwean mbira music. Born in the diaspora (Olympia/ USA) her family migrated back to Zimbabwe after the country gained its independence. Being the daughter of renowned Zimbabwean mbira player and teacher Dumisani Maraire she started to learn to play the mbira when she was just four years old.

Her both solo albums ‘Ancient voices‘ and ‘Rebel Woman‘ were huge successes and made her tour the world promoting an instrument she redefined for the modern world. May God give you eternal rest Chiwoniso Maraire.

Listen below to the tracks ‘Usa Cheme‘, ‘Mai‘, ‘Nguva Ya Kufara’ and also to a tribute radio show which was aired by ZimOnline Radio.

Chiwoniso  *-*  ‘Usa Cheme

Chiwoniso  *-*  ‘Mai

Chiwoniso  *-*  ‘Nguva Ya Kufara

ZimOnline Radio Shows  *-*  ‘Tribute To Chiwoniso Maraire

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