‘Maso Luso’ (Feat. Seye) & ‘Yoshua Alikuti’ (YADI version) – The Very Best

tvb1_crvillagebeatThe Very Best have already proven in the past their talent in transforming – or better afrikanizing – popular songs (for example: Kanye West’sRun Away‘, Kate Bush’sRunning up that Hill‘). Now they have  covered the track ‘Below My Feet‘ – originally sang by English Folk Rock band Mumford & Sons – and transformed it to the brilliant Afro-Pop track ‘Maso Luso‘. The cover version includes upcoming UK-Pop-star Seye.

The second track below is a special version of their hit track ‘Yoshua Alikuti‘ as performed by YADI with The Very Best Sound System on Mumford and Sons’ ‘Gentlemen of the Road Tour’ on Saturday 20th July 2013.

The Very Best  *-*  ‘Maso Luso‘ (Feat. Seye) (Cover of ‘Below My Feet‘ by Mumford & Sons) (Download FREE via Soundcloud)

 The Very Best  *-*  ‘Yoshua Alikuti‘ (YADI version)

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