‘Lusaka by Night’ – John Wizards

Lusaka by nightBeautiful mix of the traditional and the futuristic.” This is just one of many possible ways to describe the multidimensional nature of John Wizards’ ‘Lusaka by Night‘ tune. Cape Town based band John Wizards – founded by John Withers – just released their self titled LP, of which ‘Lusaka by Night‘ is the leading track. According to their label Planet Mu their sound recipe for this track “includes R&B, various southern African styles and dub, making for an infectious electronic pop soup.”

Let me keep it short: It may at first sound humble but it is truly a very complex, rich and massive sound! We are looking forward to hear more innovative stuff!

Listen below to ‘Lusaka by Night‘ and their welcome message for the mother city: ‘Welcome to Cape Town, Cape Town welcomes you‘. Read here an Pitchfork-interview with band leader John Withers.


 John Wizards  *-*  ‘Lusaka by Night

John Wizards  *-*  ‘Welcome to Cape Town, Cape Town Welcomes You(FREE Download)


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