‘Repete’ – Blackmagic



repete2Nigerian hip hop artist Blackmagic is slowly but surely winning well-deserved attention. For me, he is playing in the same league like Ghanaian rapper M.anifest. His 2012 released LP ‘Blackmagic Version 2.0’ included many great songs, like ‘Rainbow‘, ‘Fantasy‘ or the hit ‘Confam‘, which secured a comfortable #8 spot in JUSI I LOVE’s  Top 20 songs of 2012 list.

Recently he released his first visualization of the year with the video for his song ‘Repete‘- another excellent song taken from his LP. Blackmagic’s unique flow, Xela‘s perfect production of the song and the trumpet in the chorus makes this song very special. Thanks to music video genius Universe L.A. the song did get a nice black-and-white visualization.

Blackmagic  *-*  ‘Repete

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