Didjak Munya – ‘Nakozonga’

Didjak MunyaDRC native Didjak Munya wrote ‘Nakozonga‘ for the Congolese diaspora. He dedicates this song to all those that left their motherland but still plan to come back one day: “I am far from my country, but one day I will return, I left to work but the love I have for my land is so strong I must return, RDC I’m gone but I’ll be back.” A very soulful refrain and skillful rap lines by Didjak Munya.

The track is free to download! You can enjoy listening to ‘Nakozonga‘ as well as his first internationally released LP ‘Oxygène‘ which was produced by Ghanaian label Akwaaba and which is influenced by many different genres. You can purchase the album via itunes.

Didjak Munya  *-*  ‘Nakozonga

Didjak Munya  *-*  Full Album ‘Oxygène


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