Tebogo Mathiba releases video for ‘Intshwarele’

Afro Soul artist Tebogo Mathiba from Botswana recently released his anticipated LP ‘Motheo‘. His first video of the album, which was ‘Thari Ya Sechaba, promised more and here it finally comes. He just released his second video and here he proves again his qualities to perform a very mature Afro Soul sound. Considering the fact that this is his second release, we can look forward to many nice Soul songs sung in Setswana. ‘Motheo‘ was since only released nationally in Botswana but I hope that the international audience will also soon be able to purchase it.

Below you can see the new video ‘Intshwarele‘, produced by Studio 24, as well as his first hit ‘Thari Ya Sechaba‘.

Tebogo Mathiba  *-*  ‘Intshawarele

Tebogo Mathiba  *-*  “Thari Ya Sechaba

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