Introducing: Gargar

I was really looking forward to this post. I would like to introduce you to a group that actually exists since 2003 but however has not yet received attention beyond Kenya. Gargar consists of four Kenyan women of Somali ethnicity who come from the North Eastern town of Garissa. They are actually part of a women empowerment group which is called Bismillahi Gargar (‘Bismillahi‘ meaning “in the name of Allah” and ‘Gargar‘ meaning ‘bringing together’) and intends to refresh traditional culture in their communities and empower women socially and economically through various means, such as music, basketry, weaving and other activities.

They have so far released one LP which is called ‘Garissa Express’ (You can hear some song-snippets on Kentunes). Their song ‘AIDS Wadila‘ (AIDS kills) was beautifully visualized and even featured on the Compiliation ‘Spotlight on Kenyan Music Vol.4‘ (produced by Alliance Française de Nairobi). Their music is being produced by Ketebul Music which specialises in promoting the diverse music traditions of East Africa.

Watch below the video for their track ‘AIDS Wadila‘ and listen to the fast-paced funk-oriented song ‘Sar‘. It’s a very inspiring group and I really hope that their music and mission will receive more attention, also beyond Kenyan borders.

Gargar  *-*  ‘AIDS Wadila

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