Layori releases LP ‘Rebirth’

After having seen the great videos for her beautiful songs ‘Dada‘ and ‘Iwa Lewa‘ fans needed to be quite patient but now the moment has come. Nigerian artist Layori has released her first internationally sold album, called ‘Rebirth‘. Besides the two so far released tracks you will find eleven other excellent (Afro) Jazz tunes on the LP. She sings most of her songs in her mother tongue Yoruba, but she also surprises us with ‘Que Vida‘ in which she sings in Portuguese (Layori has Portuguese citizenship). All in all, a great debut album, available on itunes.

Stream 2-minute snippets of her album below and watch also an interview in which Layori speaks about her family background, her band colleagues as well as the production of ‘Rebirth‘.

Layori  *-*  Rebirth EPK Extended Preview

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