Introducing: Scarlet

Jemimah Lerato Chulu aka Scarlet brings us fresh Afro Jazz/ Soul from Zambia. In her so far released two tracks from her debut album ‘Unforgettably Yours‘ she shows us two sides: The fun as well as the serious part of her music. Whereas in the happy sounding track ‘Tino Farra‘ Scarlet invites us to the dancefloor, the song ‘Munisungile Banja‘ addresses a serious issue by narrating the story of a girl who lives in a broken home. ‘Munisungile Banja‘ is a powerful track that is highly popular in Zambia and has high potential to pave the way for a very successful debut, even beyond her home country.

You can download ‘Munisungile Banja‘ for free via Soundcloud.

Scarlet  *-*  ‘Munisungile Banja

Scarlet  *-*  ‘Tino Farra

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