Introducing: Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang

The King of Bubu music: Janka Nabay. Bubu music hails from Sierra Leone where 500 years ago a boy sacrified his own life when he took Bubu music from witches. That’s how the king himself narrates the origin of this mystique, highly danceable and infectious music. Janka Nabay grew up with traditional Bubu music and became the most popular Bubu artist of his generation. He revitalized and revolutionized Bubu music by adding new modern influences and since a few years now he is spreading Bubu music together with the Bubu Gang very successfully on an international stage.

Talking about the impact that his Bubu Sound has on the people, Nabay says: “The music makes people jump, giving many people ‘souls’. You got a strong message behind it. All lyrics are about making people feel good. Making people be themselves.” (

Stream their recently released album ‘En Yay Sah‘ on Watch here the great video for their song ‘Somebody‘ and listen to two other great tracks from their new LP: ‘Feba‘ and ‘Eh Mane Ah‘.

Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang  *-*  ‘Somebody’


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