Celebrating Mbira month

Various Zimbabwean artists have declared September “Annual Mbira Month“. They celebrate the Zimbabwean instrument with a Mbira Online Exhibition on Facebook which follows the idea of  “sharing and celebration” as everybody is invited to share “anything and everything inspired by the mbira through images, words and music of every shape or form“. So, go ahead and share your thoughts or favourite Mbira song with them.

Jusi I Love celebrates the Mbira month with the selection of these three songs: First ‘Nguva Yekufara’ by the popular Mbira artist Chiwoniso. She is followed by Hope Masike, with her music video for the song ‘Tineo Shewe. Hope Masike is a rising Mbira artist who is fascinates her audience with a new Mbira sound fusing it with other genres, like Afro-Jazz. The third song ‘Gomo RaMutare‘ is performed by Matemai Mbira Group and is dedicated to the mountains of Mutare, a town in Eastern Zimbabwe.

If you are interested to know more about the Mbira, its origin and complexity of sound visit the website tinotenda.org.

Chiwoniso  *-*  ‘Nguva Yekufara

Hope Masike  *-*  ‘Tineo Shewe


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