Wetin dey happen?! #7

In the 7th version of the Wetin dey happen?! series I would like to show you three new songs from Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria. First, ‘Sweet Girl‘  by Nigerian artist Badman Floss (Feat. Vector) that will surely be celebrated in Nigerian clubs. The second song+video is a Azonto dance track by Ghanian artists Wobekume & Ruff-N-Smooth called ‘Suger N Spice‘ that can teach you some more Azanto steps. The last one is a smooth Hip Hop track called ‘Miss Tanzania‘ by Tanzanian rapper Solo Thang. In the song the Dublin-based artist shows us his patriotism for his mother country.

Badman Floss  *-*  ‘Sweet Girl‘ (Feat. Vector)

Wobekume  *-*  ‘Sugar N Spice‘ (Feat. Vector)

Solo Thang  *-*  ‘Miss Tanzania

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