‘Nguir Gune Doon Gune’ Keyti

Senegalese Hip Hop/ Poetry artist Keyti has just released a beautiful Hip Hop track + Video in which he advocates for children rights in Senegal. The song was recorded for the campaign ‘VOTE AGAINST TALIBES’ and intends to highlight the situation of children begging in the streets of Senegal. He calls out to all parents to take their responsibilities seriously and take good care of their children. A message that is relevant for parents all over the world.

The campaign was initiated by Talibe Sunshine and wants to raise attention about the daily challenges that these kids face on the streets of Senegalese cities. Human Rights watch estimates that there are 50.000 children that are forced to beg on a daily basis in Senegal.

Keyti in his song:

“… Because a community is like a building and children are that buildings’s foundation. If the foundation is built poorly, then you should not be surprised when it crumbles and falls down …

Keyti in ‘Nguir Gune Doon Gune

Keyti  *-*  ‘Nguir Gune Doon Gune

H/T: Nomadic Wax

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