Spoek Mathambo – Mondenano Mix #3 (FREE Download)

Music mastermind Spoek Mathambo just released his Mondenano Mix #3 (for P3 Radio) on his soundcloud. Recently he has dropped some nice gifts for his fans, free to download, just like this one. Since it’s Monday, you will need to keep it warm til coming weekend, but that shouldn’t be a problem. And this is how Mr. Mathambo is presenting you this mixtape:

Ever been at home, getting ready to get out and need something to pump you up? Look no further!! This mix has it all… style and make-up tips, throwback jams, rap, trap, house, kwaito…and that funk so gruesome you’re scraed to put a name to it. Basically we love you.”

 btw: Nice cover art

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