Wetin dey Happen?! #5

In this version of the Wetin dey happen?! series I present to you very diverse songs from South Africa and Nigeria. First ‘Munt Omnyama‘, a song by Mafikozolo, one of South Africa’s most popular Afropop groups, then some South African house tunes with Deepa Trybz‘ recentely released video for their hit ‘Carry You‘. Finally ‘Weray‘, a nice dance song created by the newcomer group Weray ENT from East London. The dancing in the video is really contagious!

Mafikozolo  *-*  ‘Munt Omnyama‘ (Feat. Stoan & Jahseed from Bongo Maffin) Thanks Laura ;)

Deepa Trybz  *-*  ‘Carry You’

Werray ENT  *-*  ‘Werray

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