Busi Mhlongo

Today I would like to share with you the music of a South African Legend: Busi Mhlongo. In her music you can hear strong influences of popular South African music styles like mbaqanga and marabi as well as traditional Zulu music. She created an amazing sound which also show elements of other genres like jazz, funk or gospel. Her music influenced many South African female artists but also many DJs who have remixed a ton of her songs. Unfortunately, she is not among us anymore. Busi Mholongo died two years ago, leaving behind a great musical legacy.

Here you can see a video of her song ‘We Baba Omncane‘ with live recordings from music festivals in Nantes and Roskilde as well as the song ‘Shosholoza‘ and ”a great remix of her hit ‘Webaba‘ engineered by South African DJ Culoe de Song.

Busi Mhlongo  *-*  ‘We Baba Omnacane’ (Live in Nantes & Roskilde)

Busi Mhlongo  *-*  ‘Shosholoza

Busi Mholongo  *-*  ‘Webaba‘ (Remix by Culoe de Song)

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