Femi Kuti

If Fela is the grandfather of Afrobeat … Femi must be then the grandson of Afrobeat. After 12 LPs, including his latest grammy-nominated masterpiece ‘Africa for Africa‘, he still does not get the global attention he deserves. If you listen to Femi Kuti‘s music his energy will grasp your senses and take control of them. Not moving to his music is … senseless.

Watch here the dynamic and fast-paced video for a Femi’s song ‘Beng Beng Beng‘ and some ‘words and sounds with Femi Kuti‘, in which we can get a grasp of his motivation as an artist as well as his energetic concerts.

Femi Kuti  *-*  ‘Beng Beng Beng

 *-*  ‘Afrobeats: Words and sounds with Femi Kuti

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