Movie ‘Kinshasa Kids’ by Marc-Henri Wajnberg

kinshasa-kids-cover1Where there is music there is hope! This musical-movie was already selected for two international film festivals (Venice Days & Festival International du Film de Toronto) and I am sure it will be shown in many other festivals around the world. The trailer promises an interesting journey through Kinshasa, with inspirational young characters who resist the ‘fate’ that was chosen for them. Here the short synopsis: “About 30.000 children are accused of witchcraft and expelled from home. Living on the street, little José and his fellow friends, all considered as witch children, decide to form a rap band to ward off bad luck, along with a crazy impresario called Bebson. Together they will rock Kinshasa!

The movie is starring Rachel Mwanza, who received a Silver Bear for Best Actress in War Witch (Berlinale 2012).

It seems to be very entertaining … but on the other side, many more people will get informed about how the ‘Kindoki’-problem makes children suffer. A lot needs to be done in this regard.


H/T: Congologie – If you want to get updates about music, fashion, art, etc. from/about the DRC, this is the best source!

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