Introducing: Ben Zabo

This here is something special: Ben Zabo‘s Afrobeat from Mali. The group, named after their band leader, is creating an unique and energetic sound which invites people to storm to the dancefloor. The music is a mix, using modern instruments like the electric guitar and the saxophone besides traditional ones like the balafon or percussion. For Ben Zabo their cultural roots seem to be very important as they sing their songs in Bo, a language spoken by the Bwa people (an ethnic minority inhabiting central Burkina Faso and south-eastern Mali). The band released their first LP ‘Ben Zabo‘ in May, produced by the German label Glitterhouse Records. Read here two very lauding LP reviews by and

Watch here the videos for ‘Sènsènbo‘ (beautiful one!) and ‘Wari Vo‘ as well as a nice introduction into their music.

Ben Zabo  *-*  ‘Sènsènbo

Ben Zabo  *-*  “Wari Vo

Ben Zabo  *-*  ‘Debut album epk’ (Introducing Ben Zabo)

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