Introducing: Gracias

Gracias alias Deogracias Masomi was born in The Democratic Republic Of Congo but the civil war forced the family to flee to Finland, where they were granted a permanent residence permit. At this time he was four years old. He grew up in Helsinki where he started his hip hop career, influenced by artists like PharcydeWu-Tang or A Tribe Called Quest. You can listen to his tracks on his Soundcloud page.

Here is his song ‘Night Shift’ with a very creative visualization. The second song, ‘HKI’, is an ode to Helsinki in which he sings “I met this girl at the age of four. What I hated most she was so damn cold“.

Gracias  *-*  “Night Shift” (Feat. JTT)

Gracias *-*  “HKI

H/T: Congologie

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