Introducing: Akua Naru

akua naruWhen you’re listening to Akua Naru‘s songs, you are not sure: Is this rap or poetry? But since Hip Hop can generally be seen as a form of poetry it shouldn’t be important to make a distinction here. Her voice is accompanied by many different sounds: Ghanaian drums, Soul/ Jazz sounds or regular hip hop beats. Her family descents from Ghana but Akua Naru was raised in Conneticut/ USA. She is now based in Cologne/ Germany. The following video is an extract from a live concert in which she performs her piece “How Does It Feel Now???“. Can rhymes sound more intimate?

Watch below the video for to ‘How Does It Feel Now???‘ and listen to her Live LP “Live & Aflame Sessions“:


Akua Naru  *-*  “How Does It Feel Now???


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