Fena Gitu – ‘Siri’

Award winning Kenyan musician Fena Gitu uses her artistry to influence social norms and to advocate for more liberal views on sexuality. In a country where homosexuality is still being punished by law, the video for her Kanyeria produced Afrofusion track ‘Siri‘ shows two women engaging in a sexual affair. In an interview with Kenyan Youtube Channel Convo, she said about the song: “Women are the most sensual sexual beings. Why are we (women) hiding, or why are we shying away from these things, just because we’re afraid of what people would say. These things are happening, this is our reality. ... People are pretending that these things don’t happen. Things are so toxic right now that we are looking for reasons to always be angry about something as opposed to look at it from a fresh lens of … 2020, the world has progressed so far.

By giving same sex relationships space in her video, Fena Guti advocates for the societal acceptance of homosexual romance. The video shows how homosexuality is part of the reality but pushed to the shadows of society because it is not seen as normalcy. By telling the story of a homosexual love affair, Fena Guti contributes to the social liberation of a community that still yearns for acceptance.

“Keep it between me and you
Nobody affi know what we do
Are we fooling around, are we cheating
But your forbidden fruit so sweet
I wanna scream it out loud”

Siri‘ is taken from her latest album ‘Unleashed‘, which is available on all platforms. In 2021 Jena Gitu will release the highly anticipated third LP ‘LOVE IS…‘.

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