Lion Story – ‘Akabuye’


Just three days before Burundi’s highly contested general elections take place, Burundi’s most prominent Reggae ensemble Lion Story released their track ‘Akabuye‘. The outspoken group, which finds itself in political exile since 2015, dedicates the song “to all Burundians and to all Freedom fighters throughout the world.” The group’s singer Yarongo I introduced the song with an appeal to everyone: “If you can’t fight for what you want don’t complain for what you lose.”

Announcing the soon to be released album, he also spoke about the message of their music: ‘Get ready for the real revolution, which is not physical, which is a spiritual revolution. We need every youths, there in the ghetto, to get wise, to realize and to rise.”

After ‘Bazotangara‘, ‘Akabuye’ is the second release within two weeks.

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