Jonah Mutono – ‘Circulation’


Jonah Mutono‘s track ‘Circulation‘ is not just another R&B track about love and a couple’s mutual desire for physical intimacy. As the lyrics reveal, this love story takes place in spaces, where reality is not taken for normalcy, where certain feelings are forbidden.

“Why don’t we run for the fence
To far-off lands
Where the sighs won’t blow
And we’ll let our bodies pretend
That we’re not cold in this snow
Trapped in between
Every skin every linen
Wrapped so tight
That it’s probably forbidden”

The Isaac Eastgate directed b/w video taps into the track’s powerful lyrical expression of emotions and translates the lyrics in an impressing dance choreography. Talking about the motivation behind the scenes in the video, Mutono explained to Pigeons & Planes: “The piece is about tension —physical and emotional— and in this particular case, political.” and “Isaac [Eastgate, the director] and I wanted to create a scene that evoked something quite universal—that rudimentary magnetism and connection that we crave. The lyrics I wrote as a physical manifestation of this feeling, but I wanted to contrast the video to where they hardly touch at all.”

Jonah Mutono, who will soon release his debut album ‘GERG‘, wrote a very personal essay about his path to discover his sexual identity and how he maneuvered this disclosure in a conservative environment. Uganda, where Mutono’s family hails from, is a country in which homosexuality is still criminalized. “Uganda is still one my favorite places, but with so little exposure, a fear of the LGBTQ community is violently planted in every mind. That fear is hard to shake.” (Dailybeast). Jonah Mutono’s honest and intimate artistry connects to two important human capacities: love and empathy. In this way his music is an act for liberation – not only for himself – but for an entire community.

Jonah Mutono · Circulation

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