Kwesi Arthur – ‘Revolution Sound’

Kwesi Arthur - Revolution Sound 4Kwesi Arthur - Revolution Sound 1Kwesi Arthur - Revolution Sound 2

Weytin you go do, when we come for you‘? asks Ghanaian artist Kwesi Arthur in his piece ‘Revolution Sound‘, which he released on the 6th of March, the 63th Anniversary of Ghanaian Independence. The addressees: Ghanaian politicians. His blatant critique of the political elite in his home country points to corruption, bad governance, police violence, inequality and political instrumentalisation of the youth. Kwesi Arthur describes politicians as ‘Real bad men in designer suits‘ who drive in expensive ‘V8 with sirens speeding‘, while ordinary Ghanaians have to struggle riding okadas.

‘Weytin you go do, when we come for you

Real bad men in designer suits

Fuck up my country, deprive the youth …

Do you see the suffering?

Do you have a soul?

Blood in the streets. Do you see the roads?

Schools under trees the kiddies no dey mow’

However, Kwesi Arthur is still hopeful that things can change in Ghana. Releasing the tune, he wrote on twitter: “I’m just passionate for my people! I am passionate about the voiceless! I believe in Ghana and I believe our generation will make it better!

Resonating among Ghanaian youths, ‘Revolution sound‘ has the potential to become a street anthem. Just as policy papers in parliaments aggregate citizens’ interests, this track gives an energetic voice to Ghanaians’ needs. Kwesi Arthur does not need any designer suit for that.

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