‘Ginger Me Slowly’ (Video) – Somi

ginger me slowly video2

ginger me slowly video

ginger me slowly video4Rising jazz star Somi (‘Last Song‘, ‘Enganjyani‘) has just dropped a b&w video for her track ‘Ginger Me Slowly’, taken from her excellent album ‘The Lagos Music Salon‘. Her love for the Nigerian metropolis Lagos and especially the slang Lagosians speak (popularly known as Pidgin), inspired her to record the track ‘Ginger Me Slowly‘: “I was inspired by the Lagos slang expression “to ginger someone” meaning to spice someone up and make them feel good.”

You can download the track ‘Ginger Me‘ via itunes. Watch below the video as well as a live version of the track, which she recorded for Ndani TV.

  Somi  *-*  ‘Ginger Me Slowly

  Somi  *-*  ‘Ginger Me Slowly‘ (Live)

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