‘Let Go’ & ‘Hear Me’ – The Very Best

LET GO very bestDuring the last weeks The Very Best (‘Maso Luso‘, ‘We OK‘, ‘Suma Rokia‘) released two excellent tracks from their new highly anticipated album ‘Makes A King‘ (track list), which will be released on 6 April by Moshi Moshi.

While ‘Let Go‘ sounds much more positive and danceable, ‘Hear Me‘ is a low-paced track that carries socio-political messages, as Johan Hugo explains: “We wrote this song in May 2014, only days before the Malawi general elections. It was also the 50th anniversary for Malawi independence from colonial rule. … Esau really wanted to write a song about the corruption, poverty, struggle of Malawi, and how frustrated he was about the fact that very little has changed since independence.”

Watch below also the video for ‘Hear Me‘, which was shot in Mdala Chikowa, Malawi.

  The Very Best  *-*  ‘Hear Me

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