‘Handei Kumafaro’ – Kyriah Dee

kyriah dee3Kyriah Dee (pronounced Key-ra-ya) is a young Zimbabwean singer, who we should closely follow in future. The music of the Dublin-based artist shows elements of Afrobeat/ Soul/ Jazz and Pop. She discovered her passion and talent for music through gospel music and developed an admirable repertoire since then. Kyriah Dee belongs to a generation of young female Zimbabwean artists, like Hope Masike, Rina Mushonga and Chashe.

Her newest piece, ‘Handei Kumafaro‘, is a very danceable Afrobeat track, which serves as an appetizer for her soon-to-be-released LP ‘Kyrisal‘ (out 21/02/15). It was produced by Chucky Chrysal and features Anton Peteltchits on Saxophone. The song title is Shona and loosely translated means ‘Lets go Party‘.

You can purchase the track via itunes.

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