‘Fairy Tale’, ‘Let’s Go’ & ‘Clouds’ – Jarel

jarel fairy talesFantasy. This is how Jarel tags his track ‘Fairy Tales‘ on his soundcloud. It may not sound like a ‘classic’ genre but it perfectly sums up what this song is about and what it does with its listener. Here is an artist whose creativity seemingly does not know any boundaries. Jarel, poet/singer/songwriter, who calls Mombasa, the beautiful coastal town in Kenya, his hometown invites us to have a new musical experience.

Fairy Tales‘ shines through brilliant lyricism, its cosmic atmosphere and the immediate imaginations it provokes in oneself.

… Clench a drop of golden sunshine,
Trapped between the roots and vines.
There is peace within the moment,
It’s unbroken in the leaves.
Raindrops, shattered in a billion pieces,
Hear its deafening roar.
The Evening Song will not falter,
the Birds will safely guide it Home.

But it is not the only masterpiece by this Kenyan newcomer. Jarel recently launched the ‘Plus Minus Collection‘, for which he releases a track each month from July to October. ‘Let’s Go‘ debuted in the series. It was selected as the Song of the Week by Design Indaba whose writer Shiba Mazaza called the track  a”jazz-infused celebration of freedom and release.” On both tracks Jim Chuchu contributed his skills with backing vocals, instrumentation and production.

Listen also to ‘Clouds‘ a warm melange from Soul and Jazz which Jarel officially released in June.

All tracks are available for download at jarel.bandcamp.com


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