‘Fati Ka’ & ‘Aïgouna’ – Anansy Cissé

anansyThe music on Anansy Cissé‘s new album is an interesting melange that fuses traditional Malian instruments (Ngoni, Sokou, Calabash) with Western  influences, such as 1970’s Rock music. He becomes popular in the Malian music scene after the release of his self-produced debut album. In 2012, he was forced to leave his native town, Tombouctou, due to the armed conflict that shook the whole of Northern Mali.

In the capital, he started to work on new music and produced the album ‘Mali Overdrive‘, an impressive longplayer which can be regarded as one of the best releases from the African continent so far in 2014. Listen below to the two tracks ‘Aïgouna‘ and ‘Fati Ka‘. Here are some lyrics/information on both tracks, taken from worldmusic.net:

‘Fati Ka’:’I just can’t forget Fati. I dream of her in the day and lie awake to her thought through the night. I beg you Fati, come back. For months you have left me alone. I’ve never replaced you, come back, you’re already forgiven.’

‘Aïgouna’: This song is a tribute to all the Fulani people of Mali, north to south. It makes reference to those cities with a dense Fulani population (Mopti, Diré, Ségou, Gao) and to major names of the Fulani people in Mali (Cissé, Dicko, Sidibé, Diakité, Barry).

You can download ‘Aïgouna‘ for free via Afropop.

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