‘Love Call’ EP – Eric Lau & Tawiah

lau tawiahUK/Ghanaian artist Tawiah (‘Sealion‘) just dropped the EP ‘Love Call‘ – in collaboration with UK producer and DJ Eric Lau. The EP consists of five excellent soul tracks with sweet lyrics written by Eric Lau and Tawiah that should find you press the replay button – again and again.

Tawiah’s popularity has enormously risen after her amazing LP ‘FREEdomDROP‘, ranked by JUSI I LOVE as the 8th best album in 2013. The duo has already worked together on the track ‘Where to Go Now‘ (below), which featured on Eric Lau’s LP ‘One of Many‘.

Listen below also to the track that Tawiah created together with the Producer Starsmith, aka Fin Dow-Smith, called ‘Be My Love‘.

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