‘Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix’ – DJ Juls

dj juls gbeshi afrobeats mixtapeDJ Juls delivered again a quality product: The British-Ghanaian DJ – surely one of the best 10 DJs in this world when it comes to Afrobeats – dropped the brilliant ‘Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix‘.

Many Afrobeats-Mixtapes sound like a simple playlist full of the most popular club tracks. The quality of mixtapes cannot be measured alone by the popularity of the included tracks but by the ability of a sound-engineer to create an interesting and diverse mix that considers new tracks and fuses sounds. DJ Juls strikes the balance in brilliant style and invites us listen to great tracks from Naija, Ghana and beyond. If you want to hear more of DJ Juls’ mixtapes, check out his mixology here.

Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix‘ can be downloaded for free here.


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