‘Happy’ – Pharrell Williams (Cape Town Dance Video)

happyThe track ‘Happy‘ by Pharrell Williams with its 24hour dance video has already inspired many people to direct their own versions of the video, including artists in Cameroon & Benin. Now it received an amazing visual treatment from Cape Town! Directed by Shamiel Soni & Tannan Woods, the video captures the city’s diversity and vibrancy, taking us from Muizenberg beach to lively Long Street in the heart of the city. Capetonians and those of you who had already the chance to experience this amazing city you will be able to recognize many more popular places.

The producer of the video, Nicki Priem, told eTV, about the motivation behind the video: “We are the most amazing city in the world! I think it was important for us to showcase the Mother City’s diversity and beautiful people. We all love the song and the message it portrays and I think the video helps unite our city. It gave us an opportunity to showcase our talents and the city.

Pharrell Williams *-* ‘Happy(Video directed by Shamiel Soni & Tannan Wood in Cape Town)

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