‘Lagos Lullabye’ – Siji

lagos lullabyeYou have never been to Lagos? No problem! Just click play and close your eyes: Nigerian artist Siji invites you to one of the most buzzing and exciting metropolis of this world. ‘Lagos Lullabye‘ is a soulful Afrobeat Lagos hymn about chaotic street scenes, 24/7 hustling area boys and constant generator noise. The track reminds me on Fela Kuti‘s ode to Lagos from 1975: ‘Confusion‘. ‘Lagos Lullabye‘ serves as a nice appetizer for Siji’s forthcoming and long awaited album, ‘Home Grown‘, available coming spring. You can download the track for free via bandcamp. Here, you may hear more Lagos inspired tracks.

So, are you ready? Click play and close your eyes …

Danfo tires screeching
Okada rider bleeding
Area boys stand by watching
Another scene in Lagos

Bus packed full to bursting
Go slow lines unending
“Repent or die”, someone’s screaming
On the bus to Lagos

Mosquito sirens are wailing
On my blood they’re feeding
Generator noise never ceases
Sleepless nights in Lagos …”


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