48 Fela Kuti albums now on Bandcamp

Folie1I guess there is not much that I need to add to this information: Fela Kuti‘s entire discography was put on Bandcamp. 48 albums (incl. Remix album ‘Red Hot Fela‘). Everybody can listen to them for free and you can easily purchase them as digital downloads.

When news came around some were (obviously) quite suspicious. But Factmag contacted Bandcamp and it was confirmed that this was a legal move. So, be sure you can listen to all this amazing tracks without questioning your conscious.

If you have not listen to tracks by the Godfather of Afrobeat before, I recommend to you the following albums: ‘The Best Of Black President‘, ‘Shuffering & Shmiling‘ (1978), ‘Expensive Shit‘ (1975) and ‘Gentleman‘ (1973).


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