‘Smile’ – Tshila

Slide 1I would like to share with you a song by Ugandan artist Tshila, who I introduced to you recently in another post. The beautiful acoustic track ‘Smile‘ is taken from her soundcloud, where she has recently uploaded some songs she seems to be working on currently. Although she calls them humbly ‘work in progress‘ or ‘rough drafts‘, they sound like much more than that and give us a glimpse of what we can expect from her second album.

She dedicates the track ‘Smile‘ to her niece knowing that one day she will be down and Tshila hopes that this song will cheer her up. I’m quite sure, it will … and it will additionally even cheer us up!

“… Tell me why you look so sad
It looks like you just need a friend
I can see your worn outside
And what’s deep inside its just not the same

Life’s too short to spend in tears
I know your low and sometimes ashamed
Give it time and you’ll be fine
Don’t hurt yourself cause its not the end …”

Tshila  *-*  ‘Smile

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