‘Khona (Remix)’ – Yemi Sax

YEMI saxI guess few will argue when it comes to question, which song has dominated African dancefloors in 2013. If in Nairobi, Accra, Johannesburg or Lagos, ‘Khona‘ by Mafikizolo (Feat. Uhuru) has been celebrated like no other song this year. Remixes of such great hits rarely reach the original’s brilliance. Nigeria’s leading saxophonist Yemi Sax has created an impressive jazz interpretation of ‘Khona‘, which keeps the main elements of the song alive but adds an excellent saxophone sound to it. You can download the song for FREE via Reverbnation.

This is the 300rd post of JUSI I LOVE! Thanks to all readers/ listeners of the blog! It’s always a great pleasure to provide you with fresh tracks and old treasures from this beautiful continent! :)

Yemi Sax  *-*  Khona (Remix)‘ (Free Download via Reverbnation)


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