Introducing: Munit + Jörg

Munit y Jorg_2A guitar and a voice, “singing, playing and telling stories in Amharic, English and no words at all“. In 2007 the Ethiopian songstress Munit Mesfin and the German guitarist Jörg Pfeil formed the group Munit + Jörg and since then create an inspirational, light, warm-hearted sound which they call Ethiopian Acoustic Soul.

The very likeable duet met when Munit (then based in the US) came to Ethiopia for vacation, where Pfeil works as a music teacher. They were ‘hooked up’ by one of Munit’s friends, who knew of Munit’s beautiful voice and Pfeil’s excellent guitar skills, just asked her “Why don’t you guys get together?”. This simple question initiated an interesting journey for the two artists who released their second studio albums, called ‘፪ ። 2‘ in last May. The duet was responsible for the executive production and artistic direction of the whole album, which makes this LP even more admirable. My personal favourite song on the album is ‘Trans-Africa Highway‘.

Please check out the interview by Heather Maxwell (Voice of America) with beautiful live performances (‘Trans-Africa Highway‘, ‘Yekermo Sew‘, ‘Hagare‘) and listen to their album ‘፪ ። 2‘ below. You can purchase the LP via bandcamp.

‘Interview with Munit & Jörg by Heather Maxwell (VOA) – Soulful Sounds from Ethiopia’

Munit & Jörg  *-*  ‘፪ ። 2‘ (LP) (purchase via bandcamp)

H/T: Voice of America

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