Classic: ‘Paulina’ – Les Wanyika

les wanyika

In 1979 the popular East African band Les Wanyika released one of their greatest hits: ‘Paulina‘. The Swahili rumba group was formed consisted of Tanzanian and Kenyan members (John Ngereza, Issa Juma, Omar Shabani, Tom Malanga, Sijali Zuwa, Hassan Mohammed, Joseph Justy and Foni Mkwanyule) and used to be based in Kenya, where they played in nightclubs in Nairobi and various resorts. Vocalist Issa Juma left the band in the early 1980s to concentrate on his own music project Super Wanyika Group. The group continued until Omar Shabani’s death in 1998. John Ngereza died two years later.

Watch below the video for their hit ‘Paulina‘.


Les Wanyika  *-*  ‘Paulina

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