Introducing: Sona Jobarteh

SonaThe London-born artist Sona Jobarteh is the first female Kora player. Born into a prestigious West African Griot family – her grandfather was the master Griot Amadu Bansang Jobarteh – music is deeply rooted in her family’s heritage. She actually founded a music academy in The Gambia – named after her grandfather – which aims to gather the last remaining elders in the region that know the Griot tradition in order to share their knowledge to the younger generation.

Listen/Watch below how she performs the Malian classic Kora song ‘Jarabi‘ accompanied by Femi Temowo on guitar and percussionist Robert Fordjour. Additonally listen to her songs ‘Saya‘, ‘Mamaké‘ and ‘Bannaya‘. You can find all these trakcs on her first album ‘Fasiya‘.

Sona Jobarteh  *-*  ‘Jarabi‘ (With Femi Temowo & Robert Fordjour)

Sona Jobarteh  *-*  ‘Saya

Sona Jobarteh  *-*  ‘Mamaké’

Sona Jobarteh  *-*  ‘Bannaya


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