Classic: ‘Remember Me’ – Lucky Dube

lucky dubeLucky Dube is often considered to be Africa’s ‘King of Reggae’. After starting his musical career as a singer of the popular Zulu music mbaqanga he ventured into reggae music and released his first reggae album ‘Rastas never die‘ in 1984. Dube realised how relevant the sociopolitical messages found in reggae music were for the South African society, in which millions of people were oppressed in the Apartheid regime. In 1991 he released his most successful album, ‘Prisoner’, which very openly criticized the structural violence in South Africa.

One of the songs on this LP was ‘Remember Me‘, a beautiful but sad reggae ballad that is addressed to his father. Lucky Dube’s father left the family before his birth and he was thus raised only by his mother, Sarah, and his grandmother. This great and talented artist was fatally killed in a car hijacking attack in Johannesburg on 18 October 2007.

Daddy where ever you are remember me
In what ever you do I love you
Daddy where ever you are remember me
In what ever you do I love you

You left for the city many years ago
Promised to come back
And take care of us
Many years have gone by now
Still no sign of you Daddy
Mother died of a heart attack
Many years ago when she heard
That you were married again
Now, I’m the only one left
In the family


Lucky Dube  *-*  ‘Remember Me

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