‘Petit Pays’ – Gaël Faye


Born in Burundi by a Rwandese mother and a French father, Gaël Faye grew up in Burundi before his family left the country in 1995 because of the civil war that raged in Burundi from 1993 to 2005. When they moved to France Gael was just 13 years old and the painful feelings of leaving his home persist until now. In his song ‘Petit Pays‘ he pays a beautifil homage to Burundi, its people, natural beauty and history.

In February the young musician dropped his album ‘Pili Pili Sur un Croissant au Beurre‘ and he captured the journey of recording his LP with a nice series of videos. Below you can see the beautifully produced video for ‘Petit Pays‘ and a video in which you can see him going back to his roots.

“Gahugu gatoyi  (Small country)
Gahugu kaniniya (Great country)
Warapfunywe ntiwapfuye (You have been crumbled but you didn’t die)
Waragowe ntiwagoka (You have suffered, but the suffering did not aggrieve you)

Gaël Faye  *-*  ‘Petit Pays

  Gaël Faye  *-*  ‘Sur la route du Pili Pili – EP#01 – Naissance du ‘Pili Pili”

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