LP ‘Issawat’ – Idassane Wallet Mohamed

idassane wallet mohamedSahelsounds has just released this wonderful LP, which was actually produced in 2008 in Kidal/ Mali, and is now released for the global market. Idassane Wallet Mohamed recorded these songs in 2008 in the Tuareg run studio “Maison de Luxembourg”, which has since been looted and destroyed by extremists. In times when Tuareg are presented either as rebels or as refugees in the news, it is important to showcase one of their biggest sources of their pride: Music.

These are the words Sahelsounds founder Christopher Kirkley found to describe the LP:

The recordings stand out as professional/local Tuareg productions. The songs are love songs, songs that speak of nomadic life, that reference Adrar and local geography. Today, while the guitar music may reign supreme in towns like Kidal, the nomads live in world apart. The music of isswat is the music of the desert.”

You may read more about the release and the general significance of music in Tuareg culture on the Sahelsounds blog.



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