‘Utawala’ – Juliani



Utawala4Juliani is continuously fostering his position among those Kenyan musicians who represent the conscious of their society. His Song ‘Utawala‘ (you will manage) is a brilliant homage to the nation of Kenya and its citizens who face huge challenges on a daily basis but don’t dare to give up. The remarkable thing about this video is that you can’t see the artist himself. Juliani leaves the center stage to ordinary Kenyans and thus gives ownership of the song to them. BPBOOMBAPICTURES are responsible for the production of this brilliant black/white video.

At one point in the video you can see the arrest of Kenya’s loudest anti-patrimonialism activist Boniface Mwangi after he publicly aired his discontent about the secretary-general of Kenya’s labour union COTU at the major Labour Day ceremony. Just yesterday Mwangi staged an Occupy Parliament event in Nairobi that gathered hundreds of people protesting against the greed of Kenya’s political elite. Mwangi is also playing a central role in Juliani’s video for his pre-election song ‘Voters vs. Vultures‘.


Juliani  *-*  ‘Utawala

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