‘Voters vs. Vultures’ – Juliani (Feat. Dela)



Juliani6Kenyan Hip Hop artists are coming out strongly in the pre-election period. After Slumdawg & Yabadaoo‘s ‘Peace Song‘ Kenyan hip hop star Juliani releases ‘Voters vs. Vultures‘ (Feat. Dela), a powerful Hip Hop/ Rock track in which corrupt politicians are portrayed as greedy vultures. The comparison draws from Boniface Mwangi‘s anti-government graffiti which gained global popularity. Boniface Mwangi,  activist/ journalist and one of the most outspoken government critic in Kenya is even featured in the video – acting the leader of the group of young people who remove the vultures’ campaign posters in order to initiate their own anti-vultures campaign.

The video ends with an energetic crowd shouting “People, Power, Possibilities” – advocating for peaceful elections that will provide Kenya with trustworthy leaders.


Juliani  *-*  ‘Voters vs. Vultures‘ (Feat. Dela)

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