E.M.E. release video for their socio-political song ‘Change’

EME - Change

EME - Change3

EME - Change4The world of E.M.E.‘s artists might be one of glitter and fame but they do not forget to produce socially relevant songs. The song ‘Change‘ is highly politically as they describe Nigerian politicians as liars and call upon the Nigerian youths to engage in peaceful political protest. Wizkid, Banky W, Skales, ShayDee and Niyola have again teamed up, not only to produce a great song, but also a socially relevant tune that inspires thousands of Nigerian youths to participate in Nigerian politics.

Let us rise and take a stance
We must build our fatherland
We need peace and unity
It’s up to you and me”
– Banky W

E.M.E.  *-*  ‘Change

H/T: Notjustok.com

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