Introducing: Mutinda

In recent years the Kenyan music landscape has proven to be a very vibrant and diverse platform for young musicians. Hip Hop, Soul, Electro and since recently also House music flourish in a very dynamic art scene that givves space for traditional as well as modern influences. One artist who gained popularity by combining modern as well as traditonal Kenyan music elements is Mutinda.

Since 2005 Mutinda shares his socially relevent messages through Afro-Folk music, sung in Swahili, English or Kikamba. He has already performed on international stages, such as the renowned Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar. Mutinda’s music combines a variety of traditional (nyatiti, maboom-boom drums, djembe) and modern instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard, sax, violin and drums). The instumentals are filled with Mutinda’s voice. Watch below the great video for his song ‘Simamba‘ and listen to two other tracks of his: ‘Ahsante‘ and ‘Valu Vandu‘.

“The outside inspiration is only secondary to the inspiration I find in solitude going within. It is as though life already has created the song, and brings it to my attention to listen … and capture it … ” – Mutinda


Mutinda  *-*  ‘Simamba

Mutinda  *-*  ‘Ahsante

Mutinda  *-*  ‘Valu Vandu

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