Sahelsounds releases compilation ‘Songs For The North Country’

Music can be a means to fight for political rights but what if music becomes a casualty of politics. What happens with music when it is banned and self-proclaimed leaders suddenly establish laws that are not only alien to the local culture but even threaten its very existence. Can music survive a war? How much is music actually connected to the earth on which it was created and performed for hundreds of years?

Thousands of Malians had to flee from Northern Mali because of extremists that started a war against the Malian state – and the culture of those who inhabited this region since hundreds of years. After Glitterhouse has produced ‘Songs For Desert Refugees‘ some months ago, Sahelsounds has now put together this excellent mix of music from Northern Mali. ‘Songs For The North Country‘ is yet another reminder that shows us a glimpse of the cultural treasures of Northern Mali. Download this compilation for a price of your choice via bandcamp.

“The North is trying to be silenced. But I hope these recordings can stand as a reminder of what the North was, and what it can and will be again: guitar bands rocking in the evening streets of Niafounke, children gathering at the nomad camps of the Adrar, plucked takamba in the sandy houses of Timbouctou, and wistful village melodies sung out over the banks of the Niger.” – Sahelsounds

Culture is our petrol. Music is our mineral wealth.” – Toumani Diabate


Source: Sahelsounds

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