Wetin dey happen?! #8

Recently I have not updated you on wetin dey happen?! Here are three nice and danceable tracks from three different countries. First, a fresh track from the Zambian group Zone Fam titled ‘Contolola‘ which is being shared wildly on Facebook right now. The second video comes from France: ‘Nalingi Ye‘ is a lovely Afrosoul track with a catchy refrain, performed by the group Anges d’Afrik. And the third track ‘Bounce‘ comes from Ghana and is yet another Azonto track, performed by Old Sodja and Guru.

Zone Fam  *-*  ‘Contolola

Anges d’Afrik  *-*  ‘Nalingi Ye

Old Sodja  *-*  ‘Bounce‘ (Feat. Guru)

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